Curly Curls- How to get that 'natural' look

Erykah Badu, Lianne La Havas and Solange Knowles- Gorgeous gyals with gorgeous hair! If you're anything like me, you dream of having hair that just does this... however, having relaxed my Nigerian hair multiple times I actually have no idea how it would look "naturally". I've considered shaving it all off and starting again but the idea has had an extremely mixed reaction- plus I can see myself rocking it like Jessie J for about 2 weeks then crying for a weave for years to come. What I need is a cheat to effortlessly natural curls and luckily, I have it. I love doing this because it means I can frizz my hair up in an orderly fashion rather than the rain and wind making it totes cray cray.

Please note that this isn't just for black people. I actually learned how to do it from a girl at school who was white so I'm going to assume it works on pretty much all types of hair (unless it's already in extremely tight curls, of course). 

Here are some images I prepared earlier...

Step 1: 
Separate your hair into sections and add a tad bit of water. 
Or do this just after washing it.

Step 2: 
Twist hair and continue to until it folds around itself.

Step 3:
Tie a  hair band around the bun. It should look like this.
 Attractive right..

Step 4: 
Go to sleep!
I prefer to do this before bed as it avoids using heat which can be 
damaging hair and it saves time. 
Alternatively, you could  use a blow-dryer. 

Step 5: 
Remove the hair band, untwist and run fingers through each section.
You can use a wide tooth comb but if you brush it too much or the teeth are too 
close together the curls could be lost and a wild creature can appear. 
Stick with your hands and it should be fine. 

 Step 6:
Style as desired!
I usually do an upside down French plait at the back of my hair and stop about 
two thirds up my head. 

 Apologies for the messy plait, I was in a rush. 
And that's it!

I did the same thing on my flatmate Dawn's hair for the photoshoot too.
Her hair is fairly thick and has natural loose curls that I split into about 7 large sections.

Extra tips:
-The smaller the sections, the tighter the curls.
-The thicker the hair, the more water you may need for the method to be effective.
-If you have quite short hair like mine, small sections are best in having an even texture from top to bottom.

-Try plaiting or twisting your hair too. Experiment- You might discover something you never thought your hair could do.
That's it from me for now. Send me some pics of you giving it a go if you want- @brokeblackbeautiful on instagram or mail it to my g-mail account (check my profile). 

Stay beautiful...

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